Ideas about the Bloodline’s Acknowledgement Ceremony have been changed

We are already familiar with the Acknowledgement Ceremony of the Bloodline that will take place on RAW XXX. 

But according to a few reports, the sweet has become sour for the Honorary Uce, Sami Zayn. 

It’s revealed that The Acknowledgement Ceremony is now changed to “The Trial of Sami Zayn.” 

The turn of events took place after Kevin Owens, Zayn’s former best friend managed to get inside the head of Bloodline, especially Roman Reigns. 

The Tribal Chief is still not trusting the unlikely candidate mainly because of Kevin Owens. 

Sami Zayn found his way into the Bloodline last year after proving himself numerous times. He’s helped the WWE stable retain the titles several times. 

And especially, his low blow to his long-time best friend, Kevin Owens in Survivor Series WarGames remains unforgettable.  

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