"Hey f*** face!" AEW star Chris Jericho thrashed one of his fans on Twitter

Chris Jericho is one of the biggest pro wrestling stars. He worked in WWE and then, he joined AEW as one of their pioneers.

At All Elite Wrestling, he's among the most successful superstars as he won the ROH Championship after beating Claudio Castagnoli a few months ago.

But not to forget, that Chris Jericho has always been a legend on the mic.

Recently in the main event of the ROH Final Battle, Jericho lost his ROH title against Claudio Castagnoli by tapping out.

Chris Jericho tapped out on Claudio Castagnoli's signature move, Giant Swing and an AEW fan didn't like it much.

"Dumb finish, why would you tap to that? Wanna be creative but it’s a no from me" he tweeted.

To which Jericho replied "Hey f*** face. Ever experienced this move? It’s barbaric. I tapped out..you would’ve s*** your pants and cried for mommy."

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