Georgina Rodríguez whacks Fernando Santos 

Cristiano Ronaldo's World Cup dream has come to an end as Portugal were stunned by Morocco in a World Cup 2022 quarterfinal.

Georgina Rodriguez, Ronaldo's partner, is pointing the finger at the person she believes is to blame.

In an Instagram post that was extensively shared on social media, she blamed the firing on manager Fernando Santos.

The statements targeted against Santos came in the context of a message to her husband.

She said, "Today your friend and coach made a bad decision. This friend for whom you have so many words of admiration and respect".

"The same person who after putting you in the game, saw how the game changed, but by then it was too late".

Georgina further added, "You also can't stand up for someone who doesn't deserve it".

"Life gives us lessons. Today we haven't lost, we've learned. @Cristiano we admire you".

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