Former WWE Champion defeated Gunthar in a title match

Intercontinental champion Gunther faced off against AJ Styles with his title on the line.

The match took place at the Moline live even on Saturday where the Phenomenal One squared off against the Ring Commissioner.

The leader of Imperium gave an open challenge to the roster for his Intercontinental Championship.

To a surprise, the Phenomenal One got the better of the IC Champion but by disqualification.

According to the rules of WWE, although AJ Styles has won the match but the title will remain with Gunther.

WWE Universe absolutely loved the match and the fans termed the match as a "Banger". But they weren't really happy because the match wasn't shown on television.

It was the first time when AJ Styles faced Gunther and interestingly, the Phenomenal One walked off as a winner.

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