FIFA World Cup Records you need to know

The English have drawn a total of 21 games in their 15 trips to the World Cup.

#1Team with Most Draws

It is not Gavi or Bellingham but Norman Whiteside at 17 years and 41 days for Northern Ireland.

#2 Youngest Player in World Cup history

Not something to be proud of but Mexico have the most World Cup defeats- 27

#3 Team with Most Losses

The Turkish legend Hakan Sukur scored in just a record 11 seconds for Turkey!

#4 Fastest Goal in World Cup history

Indonesia played their first and only match in the 1938 campaign with a straight knockout format.

#5 Country with fewest World Cup matches

To this day the the Brazilian legend, Pele holds the feat  with 3 World Cups to his name.

#6 Player with Most World Cup Titles.

Just Fontaine  scored an insane 13 goals for the Les Blues in 1958. He also had the most goals in a single match.

#7 Player with Most Goals in a Single World Cup

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