Argentine journalist robbed while she was reporting in Qatar

While broadcasting from the World Cup in Qatar, a reporter was robbed live on air.

Dominique Metzger was making a live broadcast from Doha's Corniche area while covering the showcase for Argentine channel TN.

Metzger's handbag was robbed of money, credit cards, and other papers while she was doing the coverage.

She then reported the theft to the police and chronicled her ordeal on her Instagram account.

Dominique told her followers, "Don't worry, I'm fine". "I went through a situation that we talk about all the time: the different thing is that it happened here". 

Dominique walked to the main desk, but she was informed that there was a sector for men and one for women.

She was astonished when the female officer asked her what penalty she preferred for the thief if they were caught.

On Monday, England will begin their World Cup campaign against Iran in Group B.

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