Controversial internet celebrity Andrew Tate arrested following money laundering and human trafficking allegations

Andrew Tate is one of the recent internet sensations and a former kickboxing athlete turned businessman.

Just before the year end, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate were arrested from their Villa in Bucharest, Romania.

Both the brothers alongside two other Romanian citizens were charged on the account of money laundering and human trafficking.

All the four suspects have been detained and the Directorate for Investigating Organized crime and Terrorism has filed a 30-day detention for the suspects.

The plea will be presented to a Judge on the coming Friday and a decision will come to surface regarding the situation.

Andrew is pretty famous for his controversial nature of comments and lifestyle. His internet popularity was built on the basis of his controversial personality.

Later in 2022, he was banned on Twitter after his misogynist comment went viral on the platform.

His aggressive personality saw him out of a British TV show in 2016. He had assaulted a women in a video that was circulated over the social media.

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