Cody Rhodes expresses his condolences for Jay Briscoe's family with a heartfelt message

Cody Rhodes a.k.a The American Nightmare went up on his Twitter handle and took time to share a heartfelt message for fellow pro Wrestler Jay Briscoe.

Ring of Honor Pro Wrestler Jay Briscoe was one half of the Briscoe Brothers. The Briscoe Brothers dominated the Tag Team Championship title and were one of the best.

Jay Briscoe was announced dead in a car accident at the age of 38. Cody Rhodes sent a message to everyone addressing Jay's love for the family.

Cody says, "I didn’t interact much with him, but upon meeting Jay I instantly understood something about him…his family was his everything."

"All the love in the world to them this evening," Cody concluded.

Cody Rhodes is also set to return to WWE in the upcoming Royal Rumble. Cody was away from the stage after an injury.

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