AEW CEO Tony Khan gives WWE Hall of Famer to have the last match

Tony Khan and AEW have been really happening in the last few weeks.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman defeated Jon Moxley with the help of William Regal and became the AEW World Champion.

Although AEW is building a feud between Khan and MJF as it stands right now.

While Tony Khan is keen to give a WWE Hall of Famer his last wrestling match.

And the WWE Hall of Famer is Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat as he made his return to the wrestling ring past weekend.

In a recent interview, Tony Khan talked about Ricky Steamboat's in-ring return. "It's definitely something to keep in mind," he said.

"One of my personal heroes, somebody [who] as a kid, and still to this day, was one of my all-time favorite wrestlers. I would love to have Ricky Steamboat back in AEW any time."

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