7 WWE superstars with the most wins in 2022

7. Matt Riddle - 58 Wins

The Real Bro was on the winning side 58 times in 2022. He also achieved great success in tag division with his mate. Randy Orton.

6. Gunthar - 63 Wins

The Ring Commissioner is holding the International Championship in June 2022 after he defeated Ricochet in a hard-fought match.

5. Liv Morgan - 64 Wins

Morgan's dream got completed after she defeated Ronda Rousey in order to cash in her Money in the Bank title and win the Women's WWE Championship.

4. Jey Uso - 67 Wins

A crucial part of Bloodline, Jey smashed a lot of tag teams alongside his brother in 2022. The Usos are the universal tag champions currently.

3. Jimmy Uso - 69 Wins

Jimmy Uso also indulged in a lot of singles matches in 2022. Getting a little edge over his brother, Jimmy stands in the fourth spot on the list.

2. Drew McIntyre - 70 Wins

The Scottish Psychopath was involved in a feud with Sheamus earlier, then he went on the challenge the undisputed Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

1. Bianca Belair - 82 Wins

Bianca Belair had a great 2022. She has been the lynchpin in the main roster since she won the 2021 Royal Rumble.

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