WWE Superstars who never got injured

Since his debut in 2004, Sin Cara has been a regular of WWE entertainment, and he has been injury-free throughout his active career.

#7 Sin Cara

Natalya has been such a stalwart in the industry for the past decade that it's easy to forget her early triumphs.

#6 Natalya

Kofi Kingston the Former WWE Champion has been in WWE for nearly 12 years. Thus, his lack of injuries is surprising for the fans.

#5 Kofi Kingston

The Miz in WWE, is one of those performers who just hasn't been away from action for the most part of his career. Miz only takes time away for Business.

#4 The Miz

Dolph Ziggler, the two-time WWE champion and current holder of the MITB briefcase, has rarely taken off for injuries.

#3 Dolph Ziggler

Brock Lesnar is one of the most decorated superstars in WWE history, the 8-time World Champion hasn't lost a lot of in-ring time due to injuries.

#2 Brock Lesnar

For twenty years, Big Show never missed one edition of WWE. He has consistently performed at the top without ever getting injured until 2016-17.

#1 Big Show

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