7 Superstars with the most appearances in WWE

7. Triple H - 1971 Matches

Triple H's career in WWE has been longer than almost 25 years. He has won the World Heavyweight Championship five times and he's still connected to the business as a Chief Creative Director.

6. Kofi Kingston - 1991 Matches

Kofi tops the list of the most underrated superstars in WWE. He signed with WWE in 2006, and he finally managed to lift the WWE Championship in 2019.

5. The Undertaker - 2193 Matches

The Deadman's WWE career lasted for three decades. He has always been brilliant in the ring but if we look at the list, he wrestled very limited in his last few years.

4. John Cena - 2198 Matches

John Cena is arguably the most loved superstar in WWE. Cena has been crowned as the World Champion 16 times.

3. The Big Show - 2217 Matches

The world's largest athlete filled the void in WWE after the retirement of Andre The Giant. He won the world title four times in his career.

2. Randy Orton - 2291 Matches

The Viper is out of action currently because of an injury that he suffered in an off-ring brawl with The Usos. His return is highly-awaited and he'll surely add more to his tally.

1. Kane - 2811 Matches

The Big Red Machine of Destruction stands at the top of the list in great fashion. The Devil's Favorite Demon has competed in 2811 matches in his career.

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