7 Most Underrated Superstars in WWE

7. Naomi

Naomi walked out of WWE in June alongside her tag partner Sasha Banks and since then, she has been out of action. But she has always been a trump card for the business.

6. Baron Corbin

He has changed several gimmicks over the last 3 years but he has always been a heel character. Also, only one superstar has kicked out of the End of Days in almost 10 years.

5. Drew Gulak

Did anyone say PowerPoint presentations? Drew Gulak is excellent with the mic and it's believed also can also give some brilliant performances in the ring too.

4. Asuka

The Empress of Tomorrow is underrated. The Japanese babyface once has been on a two-year unbeaten run but currently, she's not treated the way she should be.

3. Chad Gable

The Alpha Academy is among the most entertaining tag teams in WWE and especially because of Chad Gable.

2. Heath Slater

Whether WWE wanted him, he was there to provide an absolute banger. From Nexus to 3MB, he has always been prolific.

1. Dolph Ziggler

The Show Off has given the business a lot of commendable matches but he has been always underappreciated for being a heel.

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