7 most expensive transfers in football history

Romelu Lukaku


Romelu Lukaku's transfer to Chelsea is one of the most expensive transfers of all time with a transfer fee of €115 million paid to Inter Milan. The net total of the transfer was over £285 million which is still an intact record.

Jack Grealish


A crucial reason for Man City's victory in the Premier League was the inclusion of Jack Grealish into their team. However this charged them a transfer fee of 117 million euros.

Antoine Griezmann


France's star player Antoine Griezmann takes the 5th spot on our list. His transfer to Barcelona in 2019 cost them a staggering total of 120 million euros.

Joao Felix


The money from Antoine's transfer was completely utilized by Atletico Madrid in obtaining Joao Felix on their roster. This transfer cost them 124 million euros off their pockets.

Philippe Coutinho


The year 2018 marked the transfer of Phillippe Coutinho to Barcelona on a multi million dollar deal with Barcelona. This transfer was made possible in an exchange of 145 million euros.

Kylian Mbappe


The number 2 on the list is the Frenchman Kylian Mbappe of PSG. His transfer cost the French giants a total of 180 million euros.



The most expensive transfer of all time is none other than Neymar's move to PSG. They had to pay a whopping 222 million euros to La Liga club Barcelona to make this happen.

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