7 best wrestling finishers in the history of WWE

7. Curb Stomp

Well, the Impact of Curb Stomp is always jaw-dropping. It was made popular by Seth Rollins in modern-day wrestling.

6. Spear

As classic as it gets! The spear is a classic WWE finishing move that has been used by many WWE Superstars over the years. But the Tribal Chief's spear hits differently.

5. Sweet Chin Music

The Heart Break kid had a very decisive way of ending the match, it was his very own Sweet Chin Music.

4. F5

Although Brock Lesnar loves sending people to the Suplex City but F5 is a whole next degree to annihilation.

3. Tombstone Piledriver

If you're talking about doing a WWE top 7, The Undertaker is a name that will surely come on the list. 

2. RKO

Diamond Dallas Page introduced the move but Randy Orton made it all new with his twist. The brilliance of RKO Outta Nowhere is simply unmatchable.

1. Stone Cold Stunner

Do you really think any move can take the place of Stone Cold Steve Austin's Stunner?

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