5 Teams with most premier league title wins

Manchester City


Manchester City takes the 5th spot among the most successful teams on the English soil. Man City are the current reigning champions and have won the Premier League title a total of 8 times.



Even though Everton has not been able to win a title in the 21st Century, they are still one of the most successful English clubs and have won the Premier League title a total of 9 times, placing second in 7 other seasons.



Arsenal is one of the top teams in the region and stands 3rd in the list of most successful English clubs with 13 Premier League title wins accompanied by 9 second place finishes.



One of the strongest teams of recent times, Liverpool is the second most successful English club of all time. The club has found title victory in 19 editions of the Premier League and were runner ups in 15 more.

Manchester United


At the top of the leaderboards and on the throne sit the Red Devils. Manchester United are the most successful club in the region and have won 20 Premier League titles and were also runner ups in 17 more seasons.

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