10  WWE Superstars  Known for Their Aerial Move

Swanton Bomb

Jeff Hardy is renowned for his daring and innovative performances during his 20-year career. He fearlessly jumps off various tall structures, adding his unique twist to a move inspired by The Great Sasuke, a Japanese wrestling legend.

Topé Suicida

The "Suicide Dive" or Topé Suicida is a widely used move in pro wrestling today. Its popularity grew after Bret Hart showcased it, inspiring a new generation of performers to incorporate it into their repertoire.

Van Terminator

Rob Van Dam was a hidden gem in pro wrestling for years, with only hardcore fans aware of his jaw-dropping abilities from his ECW days. In the early 2000s, Shane McMahon adopted one of his moves, but nobody could match Van Dam's mastery of it.

Shooting Star Press

The Shooting Star Press was created by Jushin "Thunder" Liger and adopted by WWE wrestlers like Marc Mero, Evan Bourne, and occasionally Shane McMahon. Its most notable moment came when Brock Lesnar attempted it at WrestleMania XIX.

Phoenix Splash

The Phoenix Splash, a corkscrew Shooting Star Press, raised the bar for high-flying moves. Hayabusa popularized it in the 90s, while today, wrestlers like Rich Swann, Seth Rollins, and PAC have made it a staple in their performances.


The Hurricanrana was invented by Huracan Ramirez in Mexico. In the 90s, Scott Steiner transformed the move, making it more impactful by dropping opponents on their heads and executing it from the top turnbuckle for added effect.

Flying Elbow Drop

In the 80s, WWE became the top wrestling promotion, and "Macho Man" Randy Savage emerged as one of their biggest stars. His revolutionary in-ring style, highlighted by his famous Flying Elbow Drop finisher, made him a household name among fans.