Top 10 Football Movies you must watch

Starring Sylvester Stallone and Pele, Prisoners of war take on Nazis in a football match.

10. Escape to Victory

Santiago dreams of playing football professionally but must also support his family. He must make a choice.

9. GOAL!

A group of Iranian girls and football lovers dress up as men to enter a football stadium without being arrested.


Based on a real sports miracle, when the German team beat Hungary in the 1954 World Cup final.

7. The Miracle Of Bern

The movie is based on the 44 day failed tenure of Brian Clough, the ex Leeds United manager.

6. The Damned United

An amazing cinematic experience of Zidane's game with multiple cameras focusing on him closely.

5. Zidane- A 21st Century Portrait

A Shaolin follower forms a team with his friends to mix martial arts with football. It is a fun watch.

4. Shaolin Soccer

A girl bends the traditional rules of football and goes against her parents to reach her goal. David Beckham also has a small cameo.

3. Bend it Like Beckham

The movie revolves around Steven Gerrard and how he brought Liverpool back to the top. A must watch for every football fan!

2. Make Us Dream

The documentary showcases the decorated career of Maradona and his record fee arrival to Naples.

1. Diego Maradona(2019)

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